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  • AS0808E
  • AS0808E


The complete platform is reasonably configured and can work for a long time.  

Lift Capacity


Max. Working Height

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Product Description
Model  AS0808E
Lift Capacity  230 kg(507 lb)
Lift Capacity Extension  113 kg(249 lb)
Max.Platform Occupants  2
Max.Working Height(A+2)  10 m(32.8 ft)
Overall Length(B)  2.47 m(8.1 ft)
Overall Width(C)  0.83 m(2.72 ft)
Stowed Height-Rails Folded(D)  1.96 m(6.43 ft)
Platform Extension Length  0.9 m(2.95 ft)
Driving Speed(stowed/raised)  4.0 km(2.49 mile),0.8km(0.5 mile)
Up/Down Speed 31/40
Gradeability  25
Max.Slope  1.5/3
Machine Weigh  2180 kg(4807 lb)
Technical Parameters
Model AS0808E
Lift Capacity 230 kg
Lift Capacity Extension 113 kg
Max.Platform Occupants 2
Max.Working Height(A+2) 10 m
Overall Length(B) 2.47 m
Overall Width(C) 0.83 m
Overall Height-Rails Folded(D) 1.96 m
Platform Extension Length 0.9 m
Driving Speed(stowed/raised) 4.0/0.8 km/h
Up/Down Speed-GB 31/40 sec
Up/Down Speed-CE 31/40 sec
Gradeability 25%
Max.Slope 1.5°/3°
Machine Weigh 2180 kg