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Together Towards a Brighter Future | LGMG MEWPs Global Partner Virtual Conference Successfully Held

2021.04.25 2442 Word Size

On April 22, 2021, the LGMG MEWPs Global Partner Virtual Conference was held in Jinan with the theme of “Together Towards a Brighter Future”. Over 60 overseas partners from over 30 countries and regions participated in the conference, discussing the development and planning of overseas markets together and exploring the new“super factory”of LGMG.

In 2020, facing with the challenges of COVID-19, LGMG weathered difficulties and maintained the momentum of high speed growth. Production and R&D, marketing services and other aspects of work have made good progress, and the overall sales volume and export performance have reached a new high.

Speeding globalization strategy, driven by products and the market

During the nine years since its establishment in 2012, LGMG has developed from scratch with the compound annual growth rate of 50%. In the changeable 2020, the company achieved a stunning achievement of 7.46 billion yuan of total revenue, increasing by 50.2% compared with last year.

Song Yuxing, Director of LGMG MEWPs Export Department

Song Yuxing, director of LGMG MEWPs Export department, summarized and reviewed the achievements of 2020 and the goals and plans of 2021 at the virtual conference. Driven by the company's comprehensive expansion of the overseas market, the MEWPs business has accelerated its development speed in the overseas market, and the MEWPs such as the RT scissor lifts, articulating and telescopic boom lifts are favored by more and more customers in Europe, America and other developed markets.

In the process of accelerating the expansion of overseas market, the equipment manufacturing technologies of LGMG have always been the core competitiveness. He said that in the face of the new circumstances of overseas market in 2021, LGMG actively held this “virtual conference” to develop the layout, carry out a series of planning associated with the dimensions of products and services, implement differentiated products on the basis of meeting the requirements of the corresponding standards of different countries.

Mr. Phil Graysmark, sales director of LGMG Europe,

Mr. Phil Graysmark gave a online report on European economic development in the pandemic, the market operations of the European company in 2020 and the market goal and work plans of European company in 2021, and also gave valuable suggestions on the sales market expansion and related support.

Exploring the“super factory”

Due to the pandemic and other reasons, many partners and foreign clients have not visited the new factory after the completion of the “phase Ⅲ factory”.

The rapid growth of the European and global markets also poses challenges of production and services. In order to seize the market opportunity and meet the requirements of clients, LGMG has consecutively invested billions of yuan to expand the core factory and upgrade the service system. In 2020, the “phase Ⅲ projects” were completed one after another, and the newly upgraded LGMG MEWPs factory were put into use.

The growth of LGMG is inseparable from the efforts of many partners. This “virtual conference” summarized the market performance in 2020 and meanwhile 10 excellent partners from Europe, Asia Pacific and other regions were given the reward in different dimensions. Four representatives from Japan, South Korea, Czech Republic and Italy shared their experience in developing the market in their regions.

Wang Yuling, director of the LGMG Overseas MEWP Application Research Institute.

Wang Yuling showed the product plan and layout of MEWPs of LGMG to the partners in four dimensions of overseas MEWP product standards, overseas product planning, new products and upgrading, new technology application and support.

Shi Yanyu, Deputy GM of LGMG

Shi Yanyu said that in order to meet the market requirements and solve the clients’ pain points, LGMG has established the MEWP Application Research Institute by the end of 2020 to conduct comprehensive investigation and analysis of the problems raised by clients and quickly give feedback to focus on the clients’ interest and create the maximum value for clients. In 2021, LGMG will work with dealers around the world in good faith to jointly promote the strategic goal of globalization and strive to reach the target of 10 billion sales revenue in 2021. It is expected that partners will communicate with each other in time when encountering problems. LGMG will give full play to the advantages of fast response, solve the problems quickly and build the key service brand in China; it is expected that our partners will have faith in LGMG, share new opportunities in the market for a win-win future!

As one of the top 100 construction machinery manufacturers in the world, LGMG has been actively promoting the globalization of R&D, production, brand and management system in the past two years. It has made continuous development in overseas marketing, brand promotion and global service, and has significantly improved its competitiveness in the overseas markets. In 2021, LGMG will continue to aim to achieve the goal of international LGMG with the concept of global service in an all-round way, and use the first-class product R&D, manufacturing and after-sales service to accelerate the international development of LGMG, and promote the development and success of clients around the world.