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LGMG introduces high capacity boom T22J

2021.08.17 2104 Word Size

LGMG has launched a large platform & high capacity telescopic boom lift T22J. This machine will carry more loads and improve work efficiency in daily work.


T22J has a working height of 23.8m, a horizontal outreach of 17.5m, and a 300kg unrestricted and 450kg restricted dual-capacity design. It can accommodate 3 operators under the maximum load.



At the same time, T22J is equipped with a large platform with a length of 2.44 meters and a width of 0.9 meters, which greatly expands the working space of the operator. The three-door design is more convenient for material handling.


It is equipped with well-known international brand engines to meet Euro V and T4F emission requirements. The engine speed is automatically controlled to reduce noise, reduce fuel consumption, and be more environmentally friendly.


Four-wheel drive, rough terrain tires, oscillating axels and 45% climbing ability,those can easily cope with complex jobsite conditions.


The swing-out engine tray design makes the whole machine convenient for regular maintenance and service. Meanwhile, the parts of T22J and LGMG's other boom lifts have high commonality, which reducing maintenance costs and maintenance time.


Using CAN bus system, the wiring is simple, the fault points are reduced, and the electronic control system is more reliable; the diagnostic control system is convenient for quick query, and faults can be displayed and alarmed on the display screen, which effectively improves the efficiency of problem solving.


This new model can be equipped with generator, glass panel bracket, work platform power supply, non-marking solid tire, anti-entrapment protection, Telematics etc. to adapt to a variety of working conditions.


T22J has complied with the new ANSI A92, European EN280, Australian AS 1418.10, EAC and JIS standards etc.