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LGMG's new Li-ion battery telescopic boom lifts are launched

2022.06.15 1859 Word Size


LGMG will launch four electric telescopic boom lifts in overseas markets, T20JE, T22JE, T26JE and T28JE, all of which are powered by lithium batteries, with large capacity, low noise, and zero emissions to meet the increasingly stringent environmental requirements.


The working height of the electric boom lifts launched this time offer working heights from 21.8m to 29.8m,the working outreach is 16.6m, 17m, 22.3m and 22.5m respectively.


A variety of charging modes are available as standard to meet the needs of fast and standard charging and to match different working conditions and facilities. At the same time, the charging pile port is optional. The large battery capacity can meet the needs of 2-3days of work.


The four electric telescopic boom lifts launched this time are all high capacity models with a 300(unrestricted)/450kg(restricted) duel capacity design. All are equipped with a 2.44m triple-entry gate as standard, which can accommodate up to 3 operators(restricted)and more materials at the same time.


LGMG's new electric telescopic boom lifts are four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering. There are 3 steering modes, four-wheel steering, front-wheel steering, crab steering, and advanced technology of one-touch wheel alignment, which makes the machines easy and efficient to operate.


Oscillating axle full time floating, it can allow the wheels to grip the ground the ground when passing hard, uneven terrain. Max. 5 ° tilt angle of the chassis, and 45% gradeability.


On-board diagnostic systems for fast troubleshooting, easier operation, and reduced downtime.


Wang Yuling, head of the overseas application engineering department of LGMG, mentioned: " With the increasingly strict environmental requirements and the improved environmental protection awareness, the market demand for electric machines is increasing. For our customers, Low-carbon and energy-saving electric equipment means more leasing opportunities and lower operating costs. LGMG's lithium battery telescopic boom lifts have been launched in China and are well recognized by customers. The launch of these four new models in overseas markets will fill the gap in LGMG's electric telescopic boom product line in overseas markets, making LGMG's product line more complete."